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Russia says No!

When Russian President Vladimir Putin visits Teheran for the first time on October 16, 2007, he is making a statement that “Russia is against an attack on Iran.” Russia does not approve of military action against them.

Russia exports weapons, missiles and nuclear energy material to Iran and is organizing the countries rich in oil in setting up a gas cartel like OPEC that controls the flow and price of oil.

Putin has already stated when his time as President ends he will move up to Prime Minister, a lifetime position. His plans is to neutralize USA influence in the Mideast.

Your news media are beating the drums for a strike on Iran and wants to condition the people to approve of such military action.

According to Ezekiel 38 & 39, Iran will be with Russia and its alliances when they invade Israel. (If) Iran is attacked with a surgical strike it will strengthen them and will unite the Muslim world in a greater alliance, which will stabilize things globally.

Russia has stood by and watched United States build permanent military bases on her borders. She has seen nations bordering her seduced into joining NATO for use as forward position for America’s nuclear weapons Russia is doing what is necessary to protect herself, Russia’s statement “that they will not permit Iran to be attacked” tells us God is in charge of the Gog and Magog war” and the invasion is God’s choice to bring judgment upon this alliance.

Russia has “drawn the sword” in returning to the cold war actions of flying patrols off British airspace, the Norwegian coast and Scotland. Their Navy plans to produce a submarine base missile system in Syria in 2008. Putin states Russia can produce missiles capable of piercing any defense system.

The above situations could be the hook or thoughts God is placing in Russia’s military alliance to fulfill Ezekiel 38 & 39. Were “closer than close” to the coming of the Lord. Be ready for Gods clarion call for His church that begun in Acts chapter two. Were the first church living in the end of the last day’s.