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"How Close Is The Israel/Syria War?”

Isaiah 17:1 predicts there will be a war with Syria that will inflict such heavy damage on Damascus that it will cease to be a city. Other cities will experience the same damage and people will literally forsake their towns and villages, leaving them to be inhabited by their flocks.

At the present, it is reported that Syria has,

  1. deployed some 140,000 troops along the Golan Heights border with Israel

  2. they have recalled all Syrians from Lebanon

  3. remove all historic documents and valuable artifacts from Damascus

  4. have missiles targeted at Tel Aviv

Their goal is to force Israel to give up the Golan Heights or risk all out war. If Syria starts the war or forces Israel to attack, then it's very possible a regional war will erupt.

To wipe ancient Damascus (Which is hundreds of years old) off the map, it looks that nukes will be used. Presently, Israel is talking with Syria and the results will be forth coming in the next few months.

God is bringing the loose ends of prophetic events together, to show the world that He is in charge. He is still the judge of all nations and the prophecies God gave to His prophets is on schedule.

Be ready, get ready, get set, God's finger is about to push the “GO” button to call His church home.

Were “closer than close”

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