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Fear of a regional war in Middle East

     Black war clouds are hovering and intensifying in strength ready to pour out it's fury in the end time events. Israel has just celebrated its forty years victory over its enemies on June 7th . At this time Israel recaptured East Jerusalem from Jordan and established control of their ancient capitol after 2,000 years. The battle for Jerusalem is still raging with extreme hatred from Israel's neighbors. Israel handed over Gaza with a promise from P.L.O. Leader Abbas that things would be better, Instead civil war between Hamas and Fatah is full blown. P.L.O. Leader Abbas has been recognized by Israel, USA and other nations as the legitimate party to rule by doing so in receiving money that Israel owes and from USA and others. This false realism, that P.L.O. leader displays is nothing more than white wash. They need the money to continue their existence. Hamas is the legitimate elected party and are establishing their rule by the gun barrel. Democracy does not come by military force, but by the will of the people. The P.L.O. wants to exist until they are strong enough to defeat Israel.

What's happening now?

Syria's has been armed by Russia with tanks, rockets, anti aircraft guns and other military hardware. They have increased troops strength and tensions with Israel is on high alert.

Iran's military pact with Russia is paying dividends to deliver nuclear fuel rods to Iran (after promising that he wouldn't) as punishment to USA for making plans to build a missile defense system in Eastern Europe despite pleas from Putin. The incentive for Iran to receive the nuclear fuel rods came with an attachment that they would have to purchase $765 million Russian arms that would be delivered to Syria. At present the fuel rods are setting on a ship off the coast of Iran waiting for the final payment.

     It is reported that Israel Prime Minister Ehud Olmert is offering to give up the Golan Heights without a fight. He is desperately trying to avoid war with Syria. Israel is prepared for war to break out at any moment. Officials from many countries are concern that war will break out in 2007. Now, Egypt and Saudia Arabia wants to develop nuclear capabilities for “peaceful purposes.”
Ezekiel 38 list the nations that will participate in the Gog and Magog war he left out four countries that border Israel. 1) Lebanon 2) Syria 3) Jordan 4) Egypt. Why weren't these involved? It's possible that these nations will be neutralized by a regional war with Israel. The situations in Gaza will no doubt continue and may explode into this regional war. Jeremiah 49:2 tells us the Ammonites ( Jordan) will be involved, Isaiah 17:1 explains Syria will be involved and Lebanon is influenced by Syria.

     After winning the war, Israel will feel they will be secured and the enemy defeated and they can relax. It's this false peace that God will being Russia and its allies to invade Israel and Gods judgment will fall on the invading armies.

     Its seems like God is already positioning these nations to fulfill His judgments in the end time. Were “closer than close” to the catching away of God's people. In this endtime God is not looking for numbers, but purity of heart. He is not looking for physical size, He is looking at our hearts. We need to recognize what displeases God and repent of our sins and present to Him our hearts to be willing to be molded in His image.  See you in the rapture.

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